Considerate Construction

29th July 2023

Our collection includes several listed buildings, some that date back to the 16th century. Great care is taken during the build phase to maintain original features and restore the character of these important community hubs. Local artisan craftspeople are employed for each project, using traditional methods and natural materials like sheepswool insulation that still meet modern efficiency standards. Our interiors team craft a bespoke identity for every room, creating beautiful unique spaces.

Sensitive restoration

We are the custodians of a beautiful collection of period property. The Fox at Oddington dates back to the 16th century, The Bell at Charlbury to the 17th century and our quintessential Cotswolds cottages in Daylesford Village were built in the 1860s. Many of the buildings are listed and have operated as important hubs for the community for decades, so great care was taken to restore and maintain their original character.

Before we start a project, we conduct in-depth research to discover the history and local significance of the building in order to shape our renovation plans. For our latest venture, we found that The Bell has been an important local hub for hundreds of years. Much of the historical features had been damaged or covered up by more recent refurbishments, so our build team have worked to uncover the original floors, walls and architrave to restore its Georgian character. Beautiful broad oak beams, flagstone floors and the original Stonesfield slate roof are now proud reminders of the pub’s provenance.

Traditional, local craft

There is no substitute for traditional hand craft in the restoration of old buildings. Local artisan craftspeople have helped to revive our pubs and cottages; their work is showcased in the bespoke carpentry, woven lightshades and wrought iron detailing throughout the collection. Our interiors team work with them to create an individual identity for every room, complemented with local artwork.

Natural minerals

Local stone and reclaimed timber are the priority materials used for our structural restorations, and sheep’s wool from Daylesford Farm is used as a natural insulation in the walls and roof spaces. Stone, timber and wool are naturally durable materials that make excellent partners for regulating temperature and produce no synthetic waste. Inside our rooms, we use natural and organic textiles made by hand and built to last.

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