Low impact operations

29th July 2023

As a responsible hospitality business we are conscious about our impact and the waste that we produce from our operations. All of our properties are powered by 100% renewable energy, and we have designed our stays to generate minimal waste. This includes the removal of single use items in our rooms, and our zero food waste policy ensures that we never throw away edible produce.

Energy and water

We want our stays to be light on impact and to complement their natural surroundings. In the process of restoring our buildings, we bring them up to modern efficiency standards by improving insulation and ventilation, and updating lighting and equipment to LED and energy efficient appliances. Every property is powered by 100% renewable energy as a minimum standard, and we prioritise contracts that use low-impact energy from solar, wind and hydro generation.

Water is a precious resource, and we are always conscious of the local catchments that we source from. We ask our guests use water sparingly in the rooms and by reusing towels during their stay. All of our laundry is taken a short distance away to Daylesford where we have installed water- and energy-efficient machines connected to a renewable energy supply from a biomass boiler. We actively track our energy and water usage to spot opportunities for further reduction.

Zero waste

Daylesford Organic’s zero food waste policy extends to our pubs and cottages, so we never throw away edible produce. Everything from the farm is utilised, whether it’s bones being used in broths or surplus fruit and veg transformed into compotes and soup. Anything else is added to on-site compost or sent for anaerobic digestion where it can be turned into fertiliser and biofuel.

Elsewhere in our operations we are targeting paperless processes, to remove another source of waste. This includes moving more in-room content to digital platforms, and seamless check-in and check-out.

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